The Shows And Performances

Mr Zippy s magical menagerie

The show where The Amazing Mr Zippy  brings the wildlife to you .

This is the only show where you find the great white shark known as Clint eats wood .

 [ The only shark that eats wood ]

Gary the pie rat - Gary finds many hilarious ways to custard pie Mr Zippy.

There's even a Dodo and a Vulture in the show .

Please note that all these animals [puppets ] have been trained to the highest  levels of professionalism by The Amazing Mr Zippy yet somehow they find various ways to torment him with there magic antics when it comes to feeding time .

This is a 1 hour this is perfect for the under 5's.

There is lots of audience participation throughout along with hysterically funny moments of comedy and magic will both delight and amaze. 

Mix And Match magic show

This is the BIG ONE , it has EVERYTHING Comedy Magic ,Party Dances , Balloon Creations and of course


This show is suitable for all ages , Keeping the whole audience involved throughout .

Children come up to assist THE AMAZING MR ZIPPY as he haplessly performs his magic and they get to custard pie him when it goes wrong 

 { on purpose } and the helpers win a prizes as they perform  magic and GET IT RIGHT !

Every game and magic trick is carefully structured so no child is ever "out" , and no leaves with a sad face .